Who We Are

Our Specialty


LES SELLERIES PROFESSIONNELLES (LSP) is a fully exporting company, located in a building of more than 5000 m² in Sousse, Tunisia.
The LSP company has developed expertise in the fields of saddlery and the implementation of technical textile solutions.


  • The mobile saddlery on wheels: interior of cars, prestige cars, vintage cars and collection, motorcycles, trains, trucks and collective transport
  • Nautical saddlery: interior and exterior of luxury, leisure and competition boats and large-scale transport
  • Aeronautical saddlery: interior of private, commercial, medical or combat aircraft and helicopters
  • The saddlery of furnishing: stools, benches, chairs, poufs
  • Hospital saddlery: ambulatory chairs, mattresses, sports examination tables
  • Leisures: making sails, tarpaulins, boat covers, sports equipments, parachutes and tents.
  • Civil protection: accessories for emergency services

Certificate ISO 9001

With our ISO9001 version 2015 certification, we ensure quality services.

Years of expertise and rigorous work have been crowned by the “EN ISO 9001:2015” certification, of which LES SELLERIES PROFESSIONNELLES is proud, approving the conformity of various products and services:

  • Manufacturing and conditioning of covers,
  • Manufacturing and conditioning of carpeting,
  • Manufacturing and conditioning of other accessories for various sectors of activity.

Our Clients